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Scientists found in a new York subway’s DNA “aliens”

Ученые отыскали в нью-йоркской подземке ДНК «пришельцев»The news has excited ufologists.

Experts have put forward two possible theory of the origin of unknown samples of fabrics in the subway, but none of them has not yet been fully scientifically proven.

According to scientists who are searching for alien life in the new York subway, they found DNA that is alien, as the samples are not similar to the ones previously found on the territory of the planet. Scientists have suggested that underground discovery refers to either a new example of an ancient unknown science animal, or extraterrestrial life has left its mark on the American underground.

However, many of them believe the first theory is almost scientifically impossible since DNA has several times been tested and the results mailed to many research centers, and the second is just insane, since the presence of aliens in underground transport at least surprising.

However, some scientists who study this anomaly, believe that the Earth is an alien who left his tissue samples in the subway just because living on the territory of the United States. This version almost not considered by the scientific world, as it is almost conspiratorial and unlikely. However, theorists continue to insist that their version is correct, because other, more possible, yet.

Skeptics, according to tradition, would reject such nonsense and believe that the sample is only DNA that appeared in the metro due to the fact that the construction of the subway were raised deep layers of the earth and some ancient particles of quite took place to be there. In their opinion, the theory about aliens are just imagination of conspiracy theorists and ufologists, who are desperately trying to find some confirmation of his hypotheses that people finally lost faith in their work.

However, pseudo-scientific theories, unfortunately, are often popular and why people believe them more, rather than proven scientific facts. You need not go far – there are still people who believe that the Earth is actually flat, but has long been found that it has the shape of a ball.

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