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Scientists found a new planet where life is possible

Ученые нашли новую планету, на которой возможна жизньScientists have discovered a new potentially habitable planet.

New exoplanet where life can be found in the system Wolf 1061 is approximately 14 light years from Earth.

A new study suggests that planets around the star Wolf 1061 falls within the so-called habitable zone – that makes them one of the most likely candidates for planets, which is life.

A team of astronomers from the University of California in San Francisco already know of three planets orbiting a Wolf 1061, 1061c Wolf but the planet is of particular interest.

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“System Wolf 1061 is important, because it is pretty close, and it gives other opportunities for further research to see whether there is a life,” says lead researcher Steven Kane from the University of San Francisco.

New evidence suggests that Wolf 1061c can have an atmosphere like the one that was on Venus millions of years ago, that is water on the planet can not long exist in the liquid state. According to scientists, what they watch on the planet, “suspiciously like the greenhouse effect”.

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Also, according to the researchers, the discovered planet not have a stable climate, because the orbits of these objects are extended, which leads to the change of the distance from home star.

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