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Scientists for the first time in history cloned camel

Ученые впервые в истории клонировали верблюдаScientists from the Center for reproductive biotechnology in Dubai, UAE, for the first time in history cloned Bactrian camel.

The researchers described their achievement as significant as it would help save endangered species.

Genetics at both the interspecific nuclear transfer cells could create a baby camel that was born from a one-humped camel. The authors of the project said that the animal was born without anomalies and complications, but after weeks of life the newborn died. A post-mortem study showed that the animal died due to E. coli, which is widespread among representatives of the species.

According to published in trade publications report the cloning of two-humped camels are a rare species that is under threat of extinction. Some are on the eighth place among the large mammals, species which are dying out. On the planet there are about 1.4 thousand, distributed in the territories of the desert in China and Mongolia.

In the centre of biotechnology, researchers are developing and using the latest achievements in science, in 2009 in the center of the first born one-humped camel, which in November became a mother. Over the last 8 years, the researchers were able to clone dozens of camels.

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