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Scientists first recorded the unusual comet

Ученые впервые зафиксировали необычные кометыThe objects found by the space telescope Kepler

American astronomers have discovered the first candidates for aksakaly — outside of the Solar system of the comet.

Potential aksakaly discovered near stars KIC and KIC 3542116 11084727, located about 800 light years from the Sun. The objects found by the space telescope Kepler.

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Usually, if the disk of the star is a planet, a graph of the change of luminosity has a symmetrical appearance. In the case of KIC and KIC 3542116 11084727 dependence had an asymmetric shape, which scientists have linked with clouds of gas and dust from comet tails.

All scientists accept the presence of near KIC 3542116 from two to six comets, a number of objects around KIC 11084727 more difficult to evaluate (only one observed transit), probably all of them korotkoperiodnye — a complete revolution around the sun making less than three months.

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