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Scientists find 3 new species of fish

Ученые нашли 3 новых вида рыбThis translucent little creatures.

The team of biologists found three new creatures from the depths of the Pacific ocean, where no sunlight penetrates. These sea creatures resemble ghosts – they are pale and translucent.

Three bizarre species of underwater creatures were discovered in one of the deepest parts of the Pacific ocean – Facescom chute located at a depth of over 7 km from the sea level off the coast of Peru and Chile.

A group of 40 scientists from 17 different countries were in search of new species at great depths by using special cameras that can “see” in pitch darkness. Using these tools they were able to find three of the creatures which, in their opinion, are the species of fish. Call them pink, blue and purple Takashima fish.

“They are part of the family Liparidae and do not conform to the accepted stereotype should look like fish. They are small, translucent, devoid of scales of the body, and they survive where others can’t.”

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