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Scientists figured out how to make weather forecasts more accurate

Ученые придумали, как сделать прогноз погоды более точнымHistory of space weather can help us more accurately predict its future.

Professor Sandra Chapman (Sandra Chapman) from the Centre for fusion, space and astrophysics, Warwick University leads a project in which researchers analyze space weather was observed during the previous cycles of solar activity during the last half century. Now researchers found in the data repeating pattern of changes of space weather change the Sun’s activity.

For the Sun the characteristic cycle of activity with a period of 11 years, while the maximum cycle number of sunspots increases to a limiting value. Higher solar activity is characterized by a large number of solar flares and thus more rigid space weather in the vicinity of the Earth.

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These new results will allow a deeper understanding and ability to predict space weather in order to prevent future threat to the Earth.

Space weather affects electronics, aviation, satellite system and communication system. It all depends on solar activity, but since it is for each new cycle differs from its values in previous cycles, in General, to predict the probability of events relevant to space weather, is quite difficult.

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This new study shows that changes in space weather and solar activity are arbitrary only to a certain extent. This will help in predicting impose limits on the probability of occurrence of major events related to space weather, the authors say.

The paper was published in the journal Space Weather.

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