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Scientists explained how dangerous big jumps in weight

 Ученые объяснили, чем опасны большие скачки в весеNot worth it to gain more than 5 kg.

Scientists working at Harvard University (USA), engaged in the research, at any rate to increase the weight of a human body, it can become dangerous for him.

In order to come to certain conclusions, the American experts have been analyzing the data on about 25 thousands of men and approximately 93 thousand women. In General, scholars interested in the increase in body mass with age and the presence of this health problems.

The result of the research was that they came to the conclusion that such body weight gain is excessive. If during these periods a man or woman recover more than 5 pounds, it carries increased risks to their health.

First, problems may occur in the cardiovascular system, then, increases the likelihood that you may develop diabetes and many other diseases.

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