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Scientists explain why men should definitely have Breakfast

Ученые объяснили, почему мужчинам обязательно надо завтракатьRefuse to Breakfast men are risking serious illness.

American scientists more than 15 years, conducted a study in which participated tens of thousands of males. In this experiment, scientists studied the feeding behavior and life of men, and also conducted a medical examination of each participant before and at the end of the study.

Men participating in this global study by Harvard medical educational institution, completed questionnaires in which they indicated the number of meals per day food and beverages that are present in their menu.

It turned out that about 30% of men regularly skip Breakfast, and more than half of study participants are those who like to eat at night, that is already after dinner.

In the end, men who disregard medical advice and skip Breakfast for various reasons, increased the risk of heart disease, which could be avoided if they ate in the morning.


Scientists don’t just come to this conclusion, it really is all the participants who made the signs opposite to the column “Breakfast”, eating throughout the day more high-calorie foods than the others. Yes, and most of them had extra weight, and dependence on sugar. Naturally, when this way of eating affected the cardiovascular system and it is not surprising that over the years begin to develop diseases of the blood vessels or heart.

The researchers recommend that men like and women do not skip Breakfast each morning to help your body to Wake up, recharge and work effectively with the right products.

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