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Scientists explain the ability of microbes to survive in space

Ученые объяснили способность микробов выживать в космосеExperts have studied several strains of Acinetobacter.

Microflora in clean rooms for interplanetary probes is able to exist due to the cleaning agents and antiseptics, concluded the experts.

The developers of spacecraft thoroughly sterilize their inventions, so as not to infect terrestrial microbes celestial objects and not to expose the distortion data of the chemical analysis. It turns out that even in special rooms for cleaning probes have their own microflora, consisting of bacteria, fungi and archaea. Scientists from the University of California in Pomona conducted a study and explained the ability of microbes to survive in a sterilized space probes. The results of the experiments published in Astrobiology.

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Experts have studied several strains of Acinetobacter, who were found in “clean rooms” for probes. It turned out that microbes are able to survive, decomposing agents, antiseptic agents used for cleaning. Scientists came to the conclusion that bacteria are able to exist by eating even isopropyl alcohol, ethanol or popular cleaner Kleenol 30.

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So experts recommend to choose more effective cleaning products and carry out the procedure of the rotation to avoid fungal adaptation to specific funds.

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