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Scientists examined the mummy using the imager

Ученые обследовали мумию при помощи томографаAncient Altai mummies Museum, the first scanned using x-ray computer tomograph.

The procedure was carried out to determine the exact age of the mummies and causes of death.

The objects of study were two mummies, unearthed in the Altai mountains in 1949. They are referred to the III century BC and the fifth Pazyryk Kurgan. The mummy – the man-the leader, who was about 55-60 years old at the time of death is estimated to anthropologists, and a woman aged 45-50 years. They were buried in the same grave.

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Scans of mummies was carried out in a variety of modes, of which there are 16. This gave the opportunity for experts to get a few thousand shots, which they consider insufficient number. Scientists hope these data will help to learn more about the lifestyle of not only representatives of the Pazyryk, but also for other related cultures that existed in Scythian times. A study was conducted to examine the types of diseases and causes of deaths of people of that period, to restore their appearance, to be installed when using any of the methods was the process of mummification.

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The process of examining the obtained images can last quite a long time. The report notes that this scan of the Hermitage – the first such experience.

Ученые обследовали мумию при помощи томографа

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