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Scientists: Europe survived the ice age in the fifteenth century

Учёные: Европа пережила «ледниковый период» в XV векеOver the next 400 years nothing like this has happened.

Scientists said that in 1430 years in Europe, came the mysterious “ice age” that lowered winter temperatures by several degrees and caused famine and upheaval throughout the subcontinent.

The findings of scientists was published in the journal Climate of the Past.

In the study, researchers studied the Bulgarian and Belgian chronicle, and drew attention to the fact that the chroniclers who described the weather and climate in 1430 years, complained of an unusual “heavenly retribution” that hit Europe in the winter. For example, the river began to freeze in Central and southern Europe, it all fell abundant snow, and in the Nordic countries, water and wine had to melt on the fire. Spring the years have arrived unusually late, in late April or early may, which negatively affected the crops and caused widespread famine.

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Intrigued by this description, researchers tested these notes chroniclers, reconstructed the climate of the “cold decade” for the annual rings of trees, the pollen deposits at the bottom of lakes, patches of organic matter in the Greenland ice cores and other climate markers.

It turned out that at that time in Europe really began with a special nano-“ice age” that lasted about a decade, and is characterized by very unusual features. This singularity is manifested in the fact that the abnormally low temperature prevailed only during the winter, whereas in summer and much of autumn and spring the climate is a little different from the norm for that era.

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What has caused such changes in weather conditions, researchers at the moment I can not explain.

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