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Scientists estimate the probability of the existence of king Kong on the Ground

Ученые подсчитали вероятность существования Кинг-конга на ЗемлеAfter the release on the big screens of the movie “king Kong. Skull island”, the researchers commented on the possibility of the existence of such monkeys on the earth’s surface.

According to experts, for that would be the animal of such magnitude to exist on Earth, it must be sufficient food.

Scientists compare the inhabitants of the Islands, which is much smaller than their relatives on a large continent, as the amount of food at this part of the planet significantly less.

Why so huge gorilla like king Kong would be unable to subsist on the island. In addition, based on the calculations of scientists, due to the gravitational characteristics of the planet, being 158 tons wouldn’t even turn on his side, not to mention the fact that would bring down on your way helicopters and uproot trees.

However, this does not apply to the blue whale, whose weight can exceed 200 tons, because the water and other laws of physics. In today’s time, the largest land animal is the elephant, whose weight is about eight tons. And the existence of creatures such as king Kong, the experts deny it.Go to the Main page

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