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Scientists: Earth on the brink of an energy collapse

 Ученые: Земля на пороге энергетического коллапсаAn international team of geophysicists predicted the collapse of the electronic devices on the planet.

Disaster can happen in the middle of the XXI century, due to breaking changes in the Sun.

Experts from the US and the UK said that after three decades, solar activity reaches a minimum, similar to the famous Murderously low, who became a long-term period decrease in the number of sunspots, which greatly affected the climate of the Earth.

Also the scientific paper, published in Scientific Reports, says that a reduction in the activity will affect the reduction of the heliosphere, which acts as a protective field, an adjustable magnetic field of the star. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the end, the high-energy charged particles can penetrate into the Solar system, which would entail a failure of electronic systems on Earth.

The heliosphere protects our planet from harmful space radiation, is weakening since the middle of last century, experts say. If this trend continue, in the coming decades the Earth will start to change, scientists warn.

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