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Scientists dumbfounded by the behavior of wild ducks

Ученые ошарашены поведением диких утокScientist Silviu Petrovan discovered a new secret about wild ducks.

It turns out that these birds can eat their migratory cousins, which is abnormal. Zoologist conducted some observations of the ducks and came to a resounding conclusion. Their results, he expressed to the representative of the air force.

He said that the wild ducks that used to live and breed in a loose nature, are predators. The scientist came to this conclusion after I realized that the members of this species can eat their own kind of migratory birds.

According to Silviu Petrovan, he witnessed a unique incident. Female wild duck was attacked by a little bird Wagtail and ate it. In parallel, the adult male is a Drake preyed on the young Redstarts which were trying to escape from danger, but did not. The leader of the pack pounced on the chick with his entire team, and in a few minutes juv Redstart was their beaks.

Most interesting is that this behavior of wild ducks is an anomaly. Originally this individual was seen as rastreado animal, even the shape of the beak says it, it is flat. Why it happened is, scientist don’t know, but this habit of the birds will be thoroughly investigated.

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