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Scientists create super protected from hackers computer

Ученые создадут суперзащищенный от хакеров компьютерComputer Morpheus will hide your data from hackers, and therefore become invulnerable to attacks, convinced by its developers.

A group of scientists from the University of Michigan (UM) will create a computer Morpheus, which will continuously change location of sensitive data and therefore become invulnerable to hacker attacks.

The University of Michigan (USA) has received a grant of $3.6 million from the Agency defense advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) for the development superseding computer.

Professor UM on computer science and engineering Todd Austin, who heads the project, proposed approach to cyber security, which differs sharply from the common now. The current model he called “put the patch and pray.” In Morpheus, there are new hardware, which should provide a quick migration and disappearance data.

“We are creating a puzzle that cannot be solved. It’s like a Rubik’s cube, and every time you blink, I have to change it,” said Austin. According to him, Morpheus will constantly stir critical data and their location in the system. So the hackers will have enough time and resources to conduct successful attacks.

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