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Scientists create new method for the treatment of breast cancer

Ученые создадут новый метод для лечения рака молочной железы‍Specialists prepare a new class of molecules for the treatment of breast cancer

Development is the use of previously unknown compounds in the interaction with the drug core.

Scientists are currently preparing a new class of molecules for the treatment of breast cancer, and they directed their efforts to change SERDs, the molecules of which found a few more decades because of the existing problems to a certain degree of invulnerability of the cells of malignant tumors to drugs, and this naturally caused the relapse metastases. While SERDs very hard to generate in standard preparations, intramuscular administration, and for oral administration, the side effects cause too much damage to health. The researchers changed used to this substance and eventually inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells.

In this design used a drug that is intended for the core, plus, it added some experimental mixes that induce the molecule to the target, that is, to malignant formations. Scientists have tested more than ten connections to ensure that they were able to assess how these mixtures interact with cancer cells. At the moment, the goal of experts – selection of variants with high effect and tests while in rodents. Only after that the experiment can be performed with patients.

“The unique advantage of our compounds lies in the fact that this is a fundamentally different type of work that was not previously known. This is not a correction of an existing drug, as practiced in academia, the treatment works in a completely different way. This new molecular structure, which can degrade or even block the estrogen receptors that play a role in the spread of tumors,” the researchers say.

Such developments help a person to believe that a highly effective cure for cancer will still be invented and doctors will save many lives of its tremendous work.

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