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Scientists create environmentally friendly deodorant

Ученые создали экологически безопасный дезодорантThe fashion for eco-friendly products is gaining momentum.

System developed specifically for the company Myro, consists of a durable plastic casing, the container, which is inserted inside and can be recycled, as well as the deodorant.

The hull shape is designed for grip in hand and also prevents rollback of the vehicle when the fall.

Replaceable containers are fully recyclable, and the product contains natural ingredients without aluminum.

According to the designers, this approach allows to get rid of a significant amount of plastic waste that usually appear in industry, but also from the harmful chemicals that are often found in deodorants. The creators claim that the new system generates 50% less plastic than usual.

At the same time in the design process, the design Studio took into account the environmental impact and visual appeal of the product that it did not want to quickly hide in a box, and you can safely leave it on the table.

“We all used to get rid of deodorant when they end. To fix this, we needed to figure out how to leave a comfortable plastic applicator, but to make the product reusable, ” explained Studio co-founder Visibility sen Sohrab.

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