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Scientists could not believe their eyes, finding the ancient copper mask

Ученые не поверили своим глазам, обнаружив древнюю медную маскуA study of 3000-year-old copper masks found in Argentina in 2005, turned the scientific world on its head.

It turned out that the views of specialists about Metalworking in South America were false.

Long enough was considered that the leader in the field of metals and their treatment belongs to the ancient inhabitants of Peru. However, new research has forced scholars to look afresh at this question. Copper mask from Argentina age more than 3,000 years gave experts a whole layer of information previously hidden from the eyes of mankind.

Dimensions historically important object is only 15 to 18 inches. Openings in the mask correspond exactly to the human person while at the level of the eyes, mouth and nose of its owner. In addition, the edges are nine small holes securing the object on the head.

Near the mask, archeologists have found 14 skeletons, which immediately dubbed sectarian. It was assumed that the dead performed a ritual, part of which was the discovery of scientists. Another version says that the mask belongs to Smiths from Peru, but it was quickly denied. At the moment, the real owners of an unusual artifact is not defined.

Samples of the metal from which the mask was transferred to the laboratory for further study. Experts hope to find out where they mined the copper to establish the true Creator and owner of the historical building.

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