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Scientists come close to solving the Bermuda triangle

Ученые приблизились к разгадке Бермудского треугольникаThe cause of the disappearance of planes and ships in the Bermuda triangle

American ufologists come close to solving the anomalous phenomena in the Bermuda triangle.

Experts suggest that near Bermuda wielding a UFO, which destroys the ship and aircraft in the area. Ufologists suggests that the crews of downed aircraft and sunken ships trapped by the aliens, where they conduct experiments.

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The basis of his claim, the experts took a mysterious case, which occurred in 1945. Then over the Bermuda triangle lost six aircraft, most of which participated in the military operation.

Before the loss of the crews told the Manager that can’t find land. Ufologists have speculated that the missing pilots are alive and are currently in another dimension, where they conduct experiments by alien beings.

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