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Scientists claim that black holes are hidden “under the veil”

Ученые уверяют, что черные дыры скрыты "вуалью"Astronomers have been studying how black holes are “open face”

The space researchers announced that black holes are hidden by the veil.

Astronomers from the University of Moscow for the first time decided to follow the way in which supermassive black holes “reveal his face”. According to space researchers, most often, they are hidden by the veil, which consists of gas and dust. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Victor Okeanskogo from the Sternberg Institute of the capital, there are only a few explanations for this phenomenon. Most often scholars have resorted to what kind of star is just very close to the black hole and was torn because of her attraction. Russian scientists prefer to think that actually black holes changing “diet”. From eating large matter it emits powerful radiation.

The first year, scientists studying black holes, one of the most important mysteries of the cosmos, and the relatively recently suggested that every large galaxy has at least one black hole.Go to the Main page

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