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Scientists caught the fish at a depth of 8 km

Ученые поймали рыбу на глубине 8 кмA fish resembles a slightly swollen chicken.

An international team of scientists gave the name to the most deep-water fish in the world, which lives at a depth of 8 kilometers in the Mariana trench. Marine life called snailfish Mariana (Mariana sea slug).

According to the publication, this is the most deep-water fish ever caught before. In appearance it resembles somewhat swollen chicken. The researchers note that fish seem not very adapted to extreme conditions, however, for unknown reasons, they survive quite successfully.

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“They don’t look sturdy enough for life in such an extreme environment, but they are extremely successful in this business,” said Mackenzie Gerringer from the University of Washington.

In the study, it was found that fish feed on shrimp and small crustaceans.

Ученые поймали рыбу на глубине 8 км
Ученые поймали рыбу на глубине 8 км

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