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Scientists came to conceive the first man in space

Ученые собрались зачать первого человека в космосе An unusual experiment is prepared by 2024.

The company SpaceLife Origin in the next 6 years wants to organize a reproduction of the real in the real world for sustainable existence on other planets. It is expected the appearance of the first human in outer space.

The head of the organization KIS Mulder said that people for the conquest of the Universe it is necessary to learn to reproduce outside of the globe. Soon the Earth’s orbit will be launched in Noah’s ark, in which is placed the male and female cells. The biomaterial before sending will have to approve the IVF centres.

If the first part of the mission is successful, then space will be the Space embryo incubator, which will merge the cells for the conception of their first child.

And the last stage – sending to a height of 250 miles of the pregnant woman, so that she gave birth in space. Along with the mother will also send a team of doctors. It is expected that the lady will choose in 2022 ode, and bear it in 2024. The project will fully adapt humanity to extraterrestrial space.

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