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Scientists call unexpected cause of schizophrenia

Ученые назвали неожиданную причину развития шизофрении It appears, from what eats pregnant woman, depends the future of her child and his mental health.

It is not excluded that due to the overabundance of certain substances in the diet of a woman who is in an interesting position, have her child at any age can develop schizophrenia. We are talking about amino acids, most of which is contained in foods of animal origin.

A complete list of amino acids and foods that have them in its composition:

1. Leucine: brown rice, meat, fish, nuts.

2. Valine: legumes, meat, dairy products, cereals.

3. Lysine: milk and cereals.

4. Methionine meat, fish, dairy products, cheese, beans, nuts, seeds.

5. Tryptophan: dates, bananas, sesame.

6. Threonine: eggs, milk.

7. Phenylalanine: milk, fish, poultry.

8. Isoleucine: eggs, liver, nuts, meat.

As we can see, quite a large range of products enriched with amino acids, which has always been considered useful, but recent studies of California scientists to prove the opposite – if you use these products during pregnancy, the minimum amount in order to prevent abnormalities of brain development of the child.

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The worst amino acid that scientists blame in the stimulation of gene expression at the DNA level, which in consequence leads to serious mental diseases such as schizophrenia. This methionine. According to scientists, which were received during the global research, the overabundance of methionine in the organism of the expectant mother can cause the baby’s brain to develop properly, and that in the future may be a significant reason for the development of schizophrenia and other equally terrible diseases of the mind.

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As the research took place at the University of California?

Scientists conducted an experiment on pregnant mice, three times in the third week of pregnancy were administered excess dose of methionine. After the birth of mouse pups, scientists have recorded the fact that they lag behind in development and are showing signs of developing schizophrenia and cognitive impairment.

Thus, scientists have confirmed the hypothesis of their colleagues who many years ago had done similar research, but then never brought the case to the end. It lies in the fact that excess amino acids “methionine” in the diet of pregnant women leads to the development of schizophrenia in her child in the process of growing up or even in adulthood.

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