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Scientists call the habitable planet

Ученые назвали пригодные для жизни планетыScientists believe that there are several options where people can normally exist.

Astronomers have named three planets suitable to move to humanity.

Recently NASA found that on Pluto there is water in the form of ice, so this will allow people to make a civilization on the dwarf planet.

“H20 just is, and is understandable if you live there, hide somewhere inside, from H2O hydrogen there to form oxygen there to form, and, accordingly, to warm up. A person can create for themselves a comfortable environment somewhere in the dungeon,” said the scientist Anatoly Vidmachenko.

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Already long ago, scientists plan to colonize Mars, which stands first in line among the planets, if humanity will have to “move”. First people will bring to the planet within seven years.

Another favorable option for the resettlement of people NASA believes the planet Ceres, but scientists have not yet confirmed the presence of water there.

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“Sooner or later the Earth will be a disaster not only environmental. 100 thousand years nothing will happen to us, we might be able to learn to loosen asteroid threats. But humanity is not will – sooner or later there will come the need for new resources, build bases on the moon,” says the President of the astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine Yaroslav Yatskiv.

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