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Scientists call the future of the intermediary in dialogue with aliens

Ученые назвали будущего посредника в общении с инопланетянами The sun will become a mediator in communication with aliens.

British scientists have simulated a situation in which our star will function as a network card for “galactic Internet.” Message to the aliens can be submitted at the time of passage of the planets on the star disk.

It will happen on a cosmic scale, very soon – just after 300 thousand years. Users of the space “social” will become suitable planets and other celestial objects. The work of scientists in this direction is due to the desire to establish contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. In its existence every year to believe more and more people and scientists including.

The authors of the project said that to create a “galactic Internet” in different ways. One of the ways you suggest the use of structures that will periodically obscure the sun. Thus, the Earth will transmit signals to the aliens. As an option to consider and another way is absorption together with chemical elements. This refers to the creation of laser that can send signals. However, skeptics do not believe in the successful implementation of any of these options.

They argue that if the Terrans will have access to such technology, then along with them people will have the opportunity to fly to other planets without waiting for the help of strangers.

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