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Scientists believe that Mars, too, will be ring

Ученые считают, что у Марса тоже появятся кольцаFragments of the satellites of Mars could begin to form rings around the planet.

After a few million years one of the satellites of Mars, Phobos might be torn to pieces, causing the pieces form a ring around the planet.

However, now scientists have suggested that a small portion of the two satellites of Mars at the moment can rotate around the planet, which means that the process of formation of the rings has already begun.

The assumption that stone fragments that have been separated from Phobos and Deimos, circling around Mars, the researchers expressed a long time ago. However, until now they were unable to find any evidence of the existence of rings near the planet. In 2013, Mars arrived camera MAVEN, who noticed a cloud of dust around the planet. Then, the command device failed to install, how big was the dust particles, in addition, they were distributed evenly and not form a ring, so the researchers suggested that they might have come from interplanetary space. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Now, researchers have conducted a new analysis and found that Mars is surrounded by protocolname, part of which is formed from substances satellites of the planet. In particular, scientists managed to establish that much of the dust that goes to Mars by meteorites, flies into space, while the planet’s gravity collects large particles in some sort of rings. About 0.6% of the substance is the material of Phobos and Deimos.

While planetary scientists have not found any indication that fragments of Phobos or Deimos are arranged in protocolize. However, this theory reinforces the fact that the unstable orbit of Phobos. With each turn of Mars gravity increasingly pulls the satellite and within the next 20-70 million years knock it out of orbit. However, if Phobos will continue to lose substance as a result of meteoritic bombardment, to the point where the gravity of Mars will prevail, Phobos will remain much smaller.

Previously, scientists at NASA have calculated that Phobos is left to live from 30 to 50 million years. Phobos is closer to Mars than any other satellite to its planet in the Solar system: orbit of Phobos is 6000 km from the surface of Mars.

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