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Scientists are trying to produce biofuels from “sugar”

Ученые пытаются добыть биотопливо из "сахара" Australian scientists are trying to obtain biofuels from sugar cane.

Australian scientists believe that sugar can be a source of clean fuel and Borislava plastic. In the laboratory of the University of Queensland had already conducted the first experiments to edit the genes of sugar cane that will allow you to find a new use for the plant and to reduce the load on the ecosystem of the planet.

“Every year in Australia harvested about 35 million tons of sugarcane. It brings our economy about $2 billion and employs 40 thousand people, but today the industry is struggling for profitability: demand for sugar and its price falling, costs are rising.

This means that many producers are interested in alternative use of his cane,” – said Darren Reichmann, senior researcher at the University of Queensland.

According to Reichmann, pilot line production of fuel from cane is already designed and ready to receive the first raw material.

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