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Scientists are sounding the alarm – gadgets brainwash children

Ученые бьют тревогу - гаджеты зомбируют детейExperts call British children zombies because of their habits more than five hours not to break away from TV screens, smartphones and tablets.

Research scientists from Oxford University showed that just within one generation, the time that the child spends on communication screens has increased from 3 hours to 4 hours and 45 minutes a day.

Parents warned that children under the age of 8 years today occupy most of an active day contact with your smartphone, TV or tablet, including school lessons, chat with friends and even eating.

This kind of screen psychological dependence threatens insomnia, obesity, cyber-bullying (bullying on the Internet), as well as the loss of the most important skills of living social communication and direct contact.

More recently, parents were worried that their children spend too much time in front of televisions, which affects the development of their brain.

Today, however, children and adolescents spend watching television less time than it was 15 years ago. But they are much more likely to sit down to the computer and access the Internet, and almost everything else free time in their hands are smartphones and tablets. The child feels a constant need to look at some screen, and when you restrict this access, he may experience anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Even the youngest children played a real hysteria when parents restrict access to your favorite electronic devices. Last month, American scientists came to the conclusion that adolescents who spend at least 5 hours a day on smartphones and other gadgets, have more than 70% increased risk of depression.

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