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Scientists are going to change all sushestvuyet units

Ученые намерены изменить все сущестсвующие единицы измерения Experts plan to introduce a new unit of measurement based on the laws of nature.

The General conference on weight and measures in 2011 decided that you want to override the units by tying them to the main world constants. Namely, the ampere should be tied to the charge of an electron, K – Boltzmann constant and the kilogram to the Planck constant. The definition of the mole also need to be rewritten, making it independent of the kilogram and ascertaining the exact value of Avogadro’s number.

But first, these global constants required to measure accurately in the existing units. Only this can guarantee that the “new” units coincide with “old” so much that it made the measurement shouldn’t change. And besides, it was necessary to develop procedures content standards, quite resistant to external factors that can distort them.

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The experts demanded precision in the measurement of fundamental constants to eight significant digits after the decimal point. Today this work can be considered complete. 20 Oct 2017 in the journal metrologia is accepted for publication, an article authored by members of the Committee on data for science and technology (CODATA). It presents the results of measurements made by different authors, and concluded that the required accuracy is finally achieved.

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In November 2018, the General conference on weights and measures meets in regular session. It will put the question on the reform of the SI on the basis of published values. And then mankind will receive system of units, based not on random pieces of precious metal, and on a solid Foundation of the laws of nature, not susceptible to any distortion or destruction.

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