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Scientists are exploring the mystery of the disappearance of an American city

Ученые бьются над загадкой исчезновения американского городаIt became known that the millennial American city was mysteriously wiped off the map.

Scientists came to the conclusion that millennial American city just disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Cahokia is known as the center power source is very valuable for archaeological excavations. This area was located the pyramids and the earth mound technology which is inherited by specialists from East St. Louis.

The locals even called Kokyu in honor of the clan, Illinois, which is famous for its developments and traditions. It is reported that this area has ancient history. It is here desired to come to the Europeans during the middle Ages. Along the Mississippi river located 30-pound wooden houses and monuments having special value to this day. No one can say how many people lived in Cookie.

According to the latest scientists, in 1050 year, there were about 30 thousand citizens. But in the 14th century the area was fully gone into oblivion. This is due to the fact that the inhabitants of the attracted area of the New world, and the majority moved to the North. Experts believe that if not for the intervention of newcomers, Cahokia could exist before our time, becoming the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. Together with “mississipiensis” territory was forgotten, but it is the largest archaeological site in territory of the USA.

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