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Scientists are at a loss: found the mysterious stones

Ученые в растерянности: найдены загадочные камниThey were found on the island in the Baltic sea.

Some scientists believe that the “sun stones” could be used for the funeral rites.

In recent years, scientists have found a lot of engraved stones Dating from the stone age, on the Danish island of Bornholm located in the Baltic sea; these stones are found already more than 300, but still obscure, what were they used for. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

They are called “sun stones” (in Danish language they are indicated by solsten) and was found in the area of the archaeological monument Vasagård, attracting the attention of specialists for a long time, reports ScienceAlert.

Between 3 500 and 2 700 BC, in the Neolithic period, this is the place, according to experts, served religious purposes. As inputs to the ancient complex correspond to the points of solstice, the researchers suggest that it was a tower used to worship the Sun.

There the researchers found a lot of “sun stones” — they were first found in 1995 in the region of the other archaeological site of Riseberga nearby. This is a small, usually disc-shaped stones with engraved pattern on one side (most often they depict lines emanating from the center like sun rays).

In recent years archaeologists have unearthed many “sun stones” — in total at the disposal of specialists, more than 300 samples. And despite the fact that many of these stones depicted the solar pattern, there are other, unusual four — cornered stones depicted with shaded boxes, and also round stones engraved with a pattern resembling a spider’s web.

Some illustrations seem simple, others are more complicated, but overall, it is clear that their creation has required painstaking, prolonged work. However, what they needed to ancient people?

As told by Lars Larsson (Lars Larsson) from the Lund University (Sweden) Danish science portal Videnskab, the purpose of these stones can not be determined exactly. However, there are a number of hypotheses. So, some scientists believe that the “sun stones” could be used for the funeral rites. This is consistent with the fact that many of them were found in pits, which presumably served as a temporary grave (in her body gave to decompose, and then to move it to a permanent grave).

According to other hypotheses, the stones could be money that was charged for entrance to the temple, or was used for the account, or for religious rites or the ancient people wore them as amulets or talismans. Some experts even believe that these stones could be used as cards.

However, as mentioned above, to say exactly what was intended these stones is not possible; researchers are continuing their study and excavation.

Ученые в растерянности: найдены загадочные камни

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