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Scientists: Antarctica will break away very large iceberg

Ученые: от Антарктиды отколется очень крупный айсбергAccording to scientists, Antarctica may soon be turned into a huge iceberg and sail into the sea.

It is unclear how much damage he can bring to the surrounding landscape.

Scientists believe that a huge crack in the glaciers of Antarctica is causing global warming. New images taken from orbit show that a deep rift in the ice Shelf Larsen increased by 18 kilometers in recent weeks. Currently, the crack length is 97 km, and about 100 meters wide.

In fact, the area of the iceberg that may soon sail away in the sea, is equal to the area of Delaware, Trinidad and Tobago. If he will break away, it will change the landscape of Antarctica forever. Scientists have said that this iceberg when it is separated from the mainland, will be the largest of those that ever left Antarctica.

As you know, some of them managed to reach South America, before finally melting away.

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