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Scientists announced the shocking discovery

Ученые заявили о шокирующей находкеScientists suspect that dinosaurs could fly

The fact that a piece of amber, was discovered the tail of a young dinosaur with feathers. Until recently, no one suspected that the animal could fly.

In Myanmar, the Chinese experts accidentally drew attention to the amber, inside of which were the dinosaur’s tail.

Surprisingly, the tail was only a few feathers. In this regard, the staff China University of Geosciences, Beijing began to research findings.

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Note the reptilian tail was flexible and not rigid, that distinguished him from his ancestors. Scientists are not in doubt, find belongs to exclusively to dinosaurs.

Apparently, it was Sauriers from the group Coelurosauria. Reptile lived 99 million years ago and despite the presence of feathers to fly could not.

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Ученые заявили о шокирующей находке

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