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Scientists announced the imminent resurrection of the mammoth

Ученые заявили о скором воскрешении мамонтовTwo years later, the Earth will reappear mammoths.

A huge mammoth, peacefully pagebypage vegetation somewhere in the middle of the tundra — this picture is not from the past but from the future — sure genetics from the United States of America that promise, no less, to resurrect long extinct animals.

“We have ample amount of fossil biological materials to be able to talk about the resurrection of mammoths. But before you can with your own eyes to see what were the mammoths, we start with a hybrid of a mammoth and an elephant. This animal will not be too much different from the elephant, however, will still have some characteristics of its extinct relative, for example, the size of the Tusk can be like a mammoth,” says one of the authors of the ambitious project, fellow at Harvard University, George Church.

The scientist promised that the hybrid embryo is created in about two or three years. The next stage — production of this wool of a giant.

According to experts, the General biology of mammoths studied in sufficient to create a hybrid degree.

Scientists have a large number of skeletons of mammoths, some of which are very well preserved, that is, the genome of the mammoth has, in fact, almost completely recreated.

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