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Scientists announced the imminent explosion of “shark volcano”

Ученые заявили о скором взрыве "акульего вулкана" This region is very turbulent tectonic setting.

Experts from National Geographic found in Kawachi (volcano off the coast of New Guinea) a huge number of sharks and rays. Very soon these sea creatures will rise due to the fact that the volcano is preparing for a new eruption.

The last time an underwater volcano woke up in 2014. It was then that scientists found a huge number of predators in the water column, where they studied the effects of the eruption. Experts are unable to understand how fish survive after a disaster. Most likely, they anticipate them in advance floating away, says environmental engineer, Brennan Phillips.

The second amazing moment is the adaptation of the sharks to hot and acidic environment. Probably, the creatures mutated. Another way to explain this phenomenon is impossible.

Wonderful area called the “Shark-ANO”, it is found in New Guinea, which, in turn, belongs to the Pacific ring of fire. In this region regularly there are tectonic shifts causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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