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Schlossberg: Russia needs solid testing for coronavirus people category risk

Шлосберг: России необходимо сплошное тестирование на коронавирус людей из категорий риск

Schlossberg: Russia needs solid testing for coronavirus people out of the risk categories

Continuous testing of all citizens on the coronavirus in the Russian conditions it is impossible, however, this measure is vital at least for people from categories of increased risk, the head of the Pskov branch of the party “Yabloko” Lev Shlosberg.

In General, he believes that the adopted in the Russian Federation the decision is essentially correct, but insufficient to solve the problem. Continuous testing of the population to the healthcare system of Russia can not afford, the politician said, but, in his opinion, and you would need to conduct tests at least selectively.

In particular, Schlossberg suggested weekly continuous testing of all medical personnel all health care organizations — both public and private; to test all patients in hospitals, medical organizations.

Tests are also essential for all people, who returned to Russia from abroad after the 1st of February. Weekly, according to Shlosberg, you need to test the personnel working in conditions of quarantine organizations: kindergartens, social services, shops, pharmacies, post offices, public transport and delivery services, and volunteers.

In addition, Schlossberg believes that it is necessary to give the opportunity for voluntary testing everyone in health care organizations, including private.

According to the politician, this will allow to obtain important information about the number of infections and to understand the real scale of the task.

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