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Scarlett Johansson harshly ridiculed Ivanka trump in advertising imaginary spirits

Since the election campaign the US President Donald trump has become the object of harsh satire on the part of many Hollywood actors. Including Alec Baldwin, portrayed trump in a series of comedic sketches in the Comedy show Saturday Night Live on NBC.

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This time Hollywood played the daughter of a newly made US President of Ivanka trump. Thus I got her from returning to acting Olympus Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson). Known for his sharp attitude to the current authorities, Johansson played Ivanka in advertising a fictional perfume called Complicit (“Accomplice”).

In the story Ivanka appears on the social acceptance and slays everyone with his impeccable appearance. “Every man knows her name, every woman knows her in the face. When she enters the room, all looking at her. After all, it is Ivanka”, — informs the VoiceOver.

In the image of Ivanka, Scarlett runs around the room, not leaving anyone indifferent: charmed men look and women are jealous. While Ivanka enjoys the attention, the VoiceOver says “the real situation”: “When she watches Titanic she thinks she’s rose. Sorry, but you’re Billy Zane”. Thus the Ivanka how I would remind you that it is complicit in dark deeds of his father.

The climax of the movie becomes Ivanka approach to the mirror in which she sees the reflection of Donald trump. “”The accomplice” — a fragrance for women, which could stop all of this, but will not” says a voice.

Recall that Scarlett Johansson started the fight for daughter with her former husband, French journalist Romain Doriana with. According to sources, Johansson plans to get full custody of the child and has already filed a statement in court.

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