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Scare and sell. How many States earn “bomb North Korea”

Пугай и продавай. Сколько Штаты зарабатывают на "бомбах КНДР"

It was easy to guess that the “antiquated” method of old generals trump works perfectly. He’s reliable as a Swiss watch, and fragrant as Belgian chocolate. This method I call “and’ threaten to sell”, and he acts on all. Once upon a time it was called “divide and conquer”, but the sales boost only helps a more modern interpretation.

Let’s start with the transactions of States and Saudi Arabia – one of the first contracts trump, when he was made an unprecedented multi-billion dollar deal to buy American weapons. Needless to say that entire middle East is a big quarreling family, in the hands of members of which a small deadly bomb. All the neighbors are afraid of each other, and even the war in Yemen is evident that there is among these countries a clear leader. There are those who can afford americashe weapons and those who are looking for partners on the other side.

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Similar situation with the once ally and now opponent, KSA, Qatar. Dividing the Gulf States into warring camps, showing that the Saudis will soon be armed with American developments, States willingly signed the Doha deal on $ 12 billion to supply American F-15 fighters.

Both countries in varying degrees, were accused by Washington of terrorism. And both in the end, buy weapons from the Americans. Classic.

But the most recent event is perhaps the apogee of cynicism.

South Korea has received consent from the President of the United States Donald trump on the purchase of U.S. military equipment and weapons. This was announced at the White house. It is expected that the transaction amount between Seoul and Washington could reach “billions of dollars”. His approval trump said in a telephone conversation with President of South Korea, moon Jae in the background of Another nuclear test by Pyongyang.

It is difficult to get rid of obsessive thoughts about the similarity between “billion” and “million tons of coal.” Hyperbolism not to take the new American administration.

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It is also noted that Donald trump endorsed the intention of Seoul to lift restrictions on the weight of the warheads on the missiles.

Crank so clumsy, but profitable Scam only billionaire who made his fortune in the age of information blindness. It’s amazing that these old, though proven methods continue to work today. And surprisingly, after reports about the arming of Seoul for the Seoul money someone else believes in the reality of the threat from Pyongyang.

P. S. If this were a TV show with a scenario in the middle of the season we would have reported the kickbacks that trump takes on offshore Kim. Sorry that this is not a series.

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