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“Scanners” by David Cronenberg will become a series

The rampant wave of serialization cult movies continues. Got it to the horror we are already familiar with the series of “Wolf pit”, “Menu” and “the Exorcist”, television version of the “Trembling earth” and “Another world.” Now to the upcoming list we can safely add another name – “Scanners” by David Cronenberg will receive a multi-part embodiment.

Rumors that the franchise you plan to take on TV, go further in 2011. In 2014, for the post of Director of the series methyl Frenchman Alexander Azha (“Bloody harvest”, “the hills Have eyes”), but it did not happen. Since then “Scanners” nothing was heard until recently about acquisition of rights on the establishment of the announced Studio Res Media and Bron Studios. Producers of the project by Michael Ellenberg, Aaron L. Gilbert, Daniel Reardon, Clark Peterson and Pierre David, participated in the creation of the original film, Cronenberg.

The first part of the series “Scanners” was released in 1980 and was told that:

They live among us — scanners that can read the brain, and others who can kill your brain. One of the scanners, Cameron Vale, at the request of Dr. Paul Ruth, a specialist on mental disorders, trying to find the scanner Darryl Riwaka, which stands at the head of a secret organization with the aim to establish the rule of scanners throughout the world. To help Cameron comes Kim Obrist, possessing a similar vain to control other people’s mind.

Today, the franchise consists of three films of the main series and two spin-offs “Scanner COP”.

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