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Scandinavian tape “At the border of the worlds” got a new trailer

This film is based on the novel by the famous Swedish writer Jon Ajvide Lindqvist, the guy that gave the world one of the best vampire stories of recent years – “Let me in”. However, Lindqvist plenty of other good books: “blessed are the dead”, “Star”, “Human harbour”. The author is sensible it is. “Gräns” on Russian yet did not translate, but the adaptation will reach our cinemas.

“On the border of the worlds” tells the following story:

A young woman has an amazing gift to identify people who are hiding something. Suddenly she meets a stranger, whose mind and senses closed to her. But he would change her fate forever, and made to understand that it is on the border worlds…

In the Director’s chair – Ali Abbasi, known for the horror film “Shelley”.

In the Network appeared another trailer, a bunch of new frames in stock. Check it out below. Festival audience “On the border of the worlds” really liked the place for ordinary spectators. By the way, the film will compete for the Oscar in the “foreign” category, and it will not huhry-muhry.

Russian premiere is scheduled for October 25, 2018.

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