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Scandal in the Lviv region: due to the negligence of doctors, the baby died

Громкий скандал на Львовщине: из-за халатности врачей скончался ребенок In the Lviv region because of doctors who have misdiagnosed, died 12-year-old boy.

In Zhidachevskiy district hospital the child was diagnosed with “poisoning” and “thermal shock” resulting in the boy’s day was treated improperly. The doctors justified that it happened because of atypical symptoms.

“The child came to us with complaints of high blood pressure, had headaches, weakness, he complained that it lost sight. The child was examined by laboratory and had no signs of bloating, no signs of fluid, which would speak about the acute pathology in the abdomen,” – says Deputy chief doctor of Zhidachevskiy district hospital Lyudmila Yaremcio.

Parents believe that their son died due to the delay in medical appointments with the right.

“The child was sedated, pricked diphenhydramine, analgesics. When I had to treat, said that he was faking. Valerian prescribed, Borjomi,” says the boy’s father Vladimir Fist.

The grandmother of the Novel, which he summer vacationing in the village, recalls that the pain the guy started suddenly when he was watching TV.

“I started crying, just screaming that he hurt all over,” says Alexander Fist.

Doctors deny their guilt and say that neither Valerian nor Borjomi child is not allowed. Because the child is easier to become, the boy was taken to the regional center. There, doctors diagnosed the child thrombosis of the aorta, which led to necrosis of the intestine. Doctors performed two surgeries, but to save the child failed.

“What we saw on the last operation – the drops of blood there, all strombiano. I was in shock, because the entire small intestine was necrotico changed. This is clearly not the case for inversion,” – said the Deputy chief physician for surgery of the regional hospital OKHMATDYT Alexander Burda.

The police opened criminal proceedings, the investigation is conducted in Zhidachovsky the hospital, though, and claim that the fault of doctors in death of the boy. Parents want to seek punishment for physicians in court. Say, though it son and will not return, but may save the lives of other children.

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