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Scandal in the Kharkov school: mom said, why not donate money

Скандал в харьковской школе: мама рассказала, почему не сдавала деньгиThe woman admitted that social networks write that her daughter “free of charge” 5 years fed

Kharkov Tatyana Blinova, whose daughter suffered from persecution after the scandalous story with the collection of money on cake for the students, explained why rejected contributions to school and what her situation have to teach Ukrainians. According to women, you can encourage teachers, but not for 150 UAH with 30 people.

“We refused to pay, when I called one of the moms from the parent of the Troika, saying that we must pass on a gift to a teacher for the New year. The answer is that nothing should have heard: “I’ll tell the teacher that you will not donate money for a gift.” And we stopped to take the money,” she said.

Blinova said that the meeting resolve – need money as need here statement sign.

“And then the teacher leaves the class, raises mom from the Committee and says: “Here is the amount of the gift to the teacher, what would you recommend – to put money or buy a gold chain?”. Parents ‘meetings there is no such as before – to pull a particular item, it all boils down to how much money to donate”, she said.

Also, the woman admitted that in social networks write that her daughter “free of charge” 5 years fed that no one has ever seen and did not know.

“We went to meetings for 4 years, still in elementary school. They all boiled down to what and how much we will take. I want to ask to all of Ukraine, dads, moms, grandparents – who ever said that we should carry money to school? Why is it considered normal?”, perplexed Blinova.

She told me that her husband was formerly a teacher and left the school as the Director required him to collect from parents.

“Even in our class there are parents low income. They take out loans to child to pull, while still lending because they are afraid that the child will peck” – she said.

According to mom sixth grader over there, this is in every classroom in every school in Ukraine.

“That is the question parents have money, because I know that if you do not pass, it will be displayed on them. Me even my mom called yesterday and said, “were You sorry 50 hryvnia, and your child is now suffering.” I said, “Mom, these children suffer half of Ukraine, they are afraid to say”” she said.

Blinov also noted that 50 hryvnia – this is not the class Fund and not Fund schools, there are other amounts.

“100 hryvnia to the Fund’s class plus 100 UAH for the school Fund. 50 UAH – it’s just on the sweet tables. Per month works out to somewhere around 250 USD. But again, gifts to teachers rent separately. The Pope is the head of the parent Committee posted online that is on the tour. But no – on the tour we pass too, separately,” she says.

Earlier it was reported that the PTA of the school has declared that none of her classmates student of the Kharkiv school №151 Diana Andronova not gloated and mocked a girl who had not got the cake during the holiday.

We also wrote that the teacher was deprived of classroom management, and the headmaster reprimanded.

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