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Scandal in Ternopil: pregnant old refused to help.

Скандал в Тернополе: беременную крымчанку отказались лечить бесплатно The resettled from Crimea refused to provide medical care for free.

A pregnant woman, a migrant from Crimea refused to provide medical care in one of the regional clinics of the city of Ternopil.

Svetlana Kalashnikova, which at 7 months pregnant, refused medical treatment. A few days ago, the woman felt sick, she spiked a temperature and pressure. She appealed to the district clinic, which is located near her home.

Doctors clinic demanded Svetlana money for the inspection, referring to the decision of the Ternopil city hall, which regulated health care for those who have no registration at the place of treatment. And Svetlana Kalashnikova – Crimean residence. Kalashnikova was getting worse, and the doctor, instead of help, first asked the patient passport and residence permit, and then pay for inspection.

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Before the inspection never came, as a pregnant woman ran out of the clinic, not showing the documents. Says family doctor clinic No. 17, Hope Chernechna for pregnant came the administrator of the clinic and asked her to come to the reception, promising her inspection. But Kalashnikov refused.

It turned out that the city Ordinance does exist. It was taken in June 2017 and under which, any patient who has no Ternopil registration must pay for all services in the municipal hospitals.

The cost of family doctors – 30 hryvnia. And as explained in the municipality to receive such services free of charge, the city Council must issue a special contract between the medical institution at the place of residence of the patient and the clinic in which he wants to be served. In the city of Ternopil has promised to look into this situation.

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In addition, it was found that the regulation adopted in June will take effect only in 2018 and at the moment, immigrants, and everyone else who has no residence in Ternopil, have the right to receive medical services free of charge. And demand payment for the services is illegal.

By the way, in the occupied Crimea, not enough doctors.

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