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Scandal in Russia: children’s dance teacher starred in films for adults

Скандал в России: детский педагог по танцам снималась в фильмах для взрослыхTeacher, starring in an adult film, quit school and now works at a dance Studio.

In St. Petersburg there was a scandal because of the filming of a children’s teacher of choreography in the film for adults.

Teacher, Janina Monahova has already been fired from the school, but she continues to work with children as a private person.

About the shooting of a teacher in a porno became known, when screenshots of the scenes posted in the group “Spying, school No. 394”. Students of the school № 394 of the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg, just identified your mentor.

The video was uploaded to the Internet June 21, 2011, which almost coincides with the time of her work in the dance Studio Persona.

In 2016, Ioannina Monakhova left 394-th school, but teaching is not abandoned. At the moment Janina is presented continues to work in other children’s dance Studio, but as a private person.

She Ioannina Monakhova claims that the video was not intended for the Internet, and circulated his former young man. “I’m not making films. Ex-boyfriend distributed it among students. Cleaned a very long time, that is, all students were looking for, had some IP-addresses to calculate. And everything seems to be made up, but apparently not,” says the teacher.

It tells the girl ex-boyfriend knows she works with children, and specifically “built her a little podlyanki”. It assumes that the way he wanted her to return.

“I know him, and in the future maybe something to throw. He owes me money, 150 thousand. I advised him to leave because I have nothing I want,” Monakhov says.

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