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Scandal in Russia: 18-year-old wife of a tycoon returns to Siberia

Скандал в России: 18-летняя супруга олигарха возвращается в СибирьThe girl was expelled home.

After a scandalous break with the 55-year-old husband-a millionaire Valentin Ivanov, the young Russian model Liza Adamenko’s return to his native Siberia.

As suggested by well-wishers, gorgeous 18 year old beauty came to an end.

The husband-the oligarch has accused her of infidelity and said that he no longer wants to deal with it. The entrepreneur also hinted that already found Lisa’s replacement.

After the scandal, the reason for which, according to the model, it was beating my husband in one of the clubs in new York, where he allegedly ripped out a few pages of her passport, the model remained in America to recover the documents.

Eventually, after spending several weeks in new York, Adamenko finally got the ID by which it will be able to fly home. This reporter learned from the youngest fashion models.

“They gave me a certificate that I can fly, I finally figured it out! Now I can go home to Krasnoyarsk, where I will need to first recover the passport,” said Lisa.

More recently, Lisa boasted on social networks of branded clothes and luxury cars, donated by Valentine. But now Adamenko have to make the most of the fabulous life that she was used to.

Parents are long-legged brown-haired women really looking forward to the daughter back home, you know that after a scandalous divorce, Lisa needs the support of loved ones. But more recently, Liza Adamenko was the envy of hundreds of other girls as the young girl pulled out a lottery ticket. Met provided, a caring man, which opened in Krasnoyarsk for the beauty of the world.

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