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Scam of the century Park “elk island”: the cuts under the guise of “extensions”

Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения"

The draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on the Park “elk island” an attractive title: “expanding the national Park”. The reverse side of the problem is: under construction understudy schelkovskogo and a shopping Mall from the national Park “cut off” around 140 hectares of land.

Irina Mishina

It all began with a television program on one of the Federal TV channels. The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov during a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev complained that the constant traffic jam in Schelkovo at the entrance to Moscow strongly raises the question of the construction of the backup. Soon appeared a draft decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, which, inter alia, stated:

 “We accept the proposal of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation on the extension of the national Park “elk island” due to the inclusion in its territory of land plots from structure of lands of forest Fund and other categories a total area of 1851,41 hectares within the administrative boundaries of the Moscow region”.

It would seem, good news: the national Park extends. But for the beautiful sign he was hiding something else. In fact, the construction of the backup is meant to attract additional territories at the expense of their removal from the national Park “elk island”, which, as you know, refers to the number of “specially protected natural territories”. Here I would like to stop and remind: according to FL-33 dated 14.03.1995 of the year “On specially protected areas” prohibited the removal of any sites from the national parks.

On March 21, the Ministry of environment sent a document for approval to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economy, Ministry of transport, Ministry of defense, the Federal forestry Agency, the Moscow region government and other agencies. Ministry asked to coordinate the project “as soon as possible”. From the national Park exclude 140 hectares (including 54 hectares occupied by forest plantations) “in order to ensure the development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow region” — construction of 19-kilometrovogo understudy schelkovskogo highway. The same draft to the national Park joins more than 1.8 thousand hectares of suburban forestsincluded now in Monino and Gorenskoe forestry. The authors of this project, the iron logic: “No, well, we’re expanding “elk island”, attaching parts of other forestry!”. In fact, if you look at the map, it is not difficult to notice that “the joining of the earth” are at a good distance from moose island.

“Cutting 140 hectares of forest will not harm people. It can destroy animals”, – says the biologist, documentary filmmaker Evgeny Shmukler. – “How you can understand the plans I’ve seen, want to cut down a piece of wood outside Moscow. All the animals can leave when things get loud. Die animals that live underground. These are the most numerous inhabitants of the forest – voles, shrews, moles. The proponents of this project claim that alienated a small piece of wood. In fact, the damage here that disturbed the living space, which was unchanged seventy years. People think that animals are free and walk by themselves. This is a misconception. Animals walk the forest trails, which are built in the lifetime of one generation. If I hit, for example, in the forest for moose, he carried away from me at high speed and does not cut into the trees, although the eyesight of moose is very weak. He just knows your route. If near a forest there is a road, this means that the border of the forest becomes a desert for many species of animals due to noise and exhaust gases. They just won’t be able to live there.”


Understudy schelkovskogo on – not the solution.

“The issue of expanding the Shchelkovo highway, one of the most congested in Moscow, was discussed for a long time. Was offered different options – from tunnel construction to the purchase of land along the highway in the village Sitnikovo. This locality, incidentally, is in the border of the national Park “elk island”. However, the question arose: where to move people? It turned out that nowhere. The nearby neighborhood of “Amber” was fully populated. For the water utility is also all built up. In fact, the problem of backup does not solve anything: if it were not for mass building, there would be no traffic jams”, – said the Chairman of the Commission on environmental security of the Moscow regional branch of the Russian geographical society Anton Khlynov. – The problem could be solved differently: to build an underground tunnel, near Silver boron, to avoid the “elk island”, to raise the car on the overpass. In short, investing more money and save a national treasure – “elk island”.

“It’s bad infinity of dealing with congestion when it is not a system build, and I think that the salvation will come from the fact that you hold a regular line and all will be well. Will not be good, because we need a system. Let us first say how it will look in the whole transport system. Why we don’t know what the ultimate goal how you will communicate all these transport vessels as they will be combined with Cadam, when everything will be completed, how it will look. But we do not offer, I’m just saying cut the backup and all will be well. Will not. We are in Moscow know that, when building a giant chord, as a result, traffic becomes even more”, – said the head of the Center for anti-corruption policy, a member of the Federal political Committee of the party “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin.

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Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

“Elk island”. Photo By Evgeny Schmookler.


In short, the problem could be solved otherwise. However, do not want.


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

“Elk island”. Photo By Evgeny Schmookler.



Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

“Elk island”. Photo By Evgeny Schmookler.


Business nature

Background: within the national Park elk island is home to about 50 of elks, of which 15 to 18 within the city. Spotted deer in the Park of about 150 individuals. Twenty individuals were imported from the Far East in the 70-ies. Their herd has multiplied, and today its population has reached the limit. What will happen to this herd? As will ensure the transition of animals from one part to other?


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

“Elk island”. Photo By Evgeny Schmookler.


We tried to figure out this question of Director of national Park “elk island” Igor Sarafanov, but our simple questions about alternatives to a stand, the damage that would be incurred by elk island, did not want to answer. However, we turned to the Director of the reserve with a formal request on this matter. The most talkative and caring person in the “Losiny island” was a security guard, who said that the Director is seldom at home, but he has deputies who are aware of all issues and also that from the territory of Losiny Ostrov began to “cut” pieces of land yet. This is confirmed by local activists. “About a year ago I was in a meeting at the Directorate “elk island”. Discussed the question of how to budget funding for the Park landscaping. Do you think they discussed how the trails clear, as to remove dead trees, fallen trees, how to build a path network? No, the administration proposed to build on the territory of “moose island” amusement Park, to establish the sale of food… To this piece of land “elk island” “bitten” the market “Gardener” in Golyanovo on the Yaroslavl highway at the entrance to the Park built a log summer houses for tourists, which the homeless live,” says local activist Olga Moiseeva.

National Park, which is home to rare breed animals, are dispersed and fragmented into different areas is a nonsense. “It’s all the same what to carry in the Kremlin Borovitskaya tower and to compensate for this by joining a neighborhood like Zhulebino” – said the biologist, documentary filmmaker Evgeny Shmukler. –”I drew a parallel with the Kremlin: elk island as a protected area exists since the 16th-17th century, there is still Tsar Ivan the terrible the bear went. In the “Losiny island” of preserved ancient burial mounds vyatichey, which is 2 centuries older than Moscow. In this photo, the mound of the ancient Vyatichi, it’s part of world history. Where is the guarantee that we will not pass an understudy?”.


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

“Elk island”. Mound of ancient Vyatichi. Photo By Evgeny Schmookler.





“I think it is a huge loss of felling more than 100 hectares alekseevskoy grove. It is an object of cultural significance, unique natural and historical object. Unfortunately, the grove, the plan enters the cutting zone, and it is irreparable damage to history, to our culture,” – said the Chairman of the Commission on environmental security of the Moscow regional branch of the Russian geographical society Anton Khlynov.

An unidentified object on the map the construction of an understudy.

Available to our newsroom got a document that shows the plan of withdrawal of land from “moose island” in the construction of an understudy.

“The analysis of the catalog coordinates “modified” the boundaries of the national Park showed that out of the Park is planned to eliminate at least one more plot – the Yaroslavl highway, with an area of about 30 hectares, where currently the company “Tashir” under construction shopping centre “RIO”. On the illegality of the construction has repeatedly said the activists of the popular front, but still trying to push now “placing” catalog coordinates with the “right” to change the borders on the table to the Prime Minister. Most importantly, all this is done with the supply of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation” – says the Chairman of the Commission on environmental security of the Moscow regional branch of the Russian geographical society Anton Khlynov.


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

Sergei Mitrokhin has already sent to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika letter stating that in the conservation area construction allegedly carried out by the company, which co-owner is the son of Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. “Reported gross violation of natural law, they demanded, of course, to stop construction, and in the end made a PostScript: “I Draw your attention to the fact that 27% of the share capital of LLC “georesurs” belong to your son Artem Yurievich Chaika. In this regard, in the present case, it is necessary to take measures to prevent a possible conflict of interest in accordance with part 3 of article 40.2 of the Federal law ‘On the procuracy of the Russian Federation’, — said Sergei Mitrokhin.

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Similar letters he sent to the Ministry of natural resources and Rosprirodnadzor. Mitrokhin also confirms that the construction company under the shield of “georesurs” is now in the buffer zone of “moose island” construction of shopping center “RIO”. However, in the reply of Prosecutor’s office the statement Mitrokhin stated: “currently, land and other preparatory work on the site underway. Given the above, sufficient grounds for taking measures of prosecutorial response not currently available.”


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

Sergei Mitrokhin has officially notified the Minister of natural resources and environment of the construction within the protected area “moose island” shopping center “RIO”.


“Rogue cutting off the piece of land from moose island for the construction of the shopping center, I would call the “swindle of the century”. Indeed, in the explanatory note to the draft about this is not a word! But the subject is nevertheless constructed. The construction of the backup is legal nonsense. But the construction of the shopping center on the site of the national Park – it is a Scam”, – said the Chairman of the Commission on environmental security of the Moscow regional geographical society Anton Khlynov.

The border to know it!

While the draft decree of the government with the intriguing title “On extending the territory of the national Park “elk island” only brought up for discussion. But this discussion has already acquired claims, scandalous revelations and complaints. So, for a change.have aggoyunlus the petition “we Demand to keep the borders of the national Park “elk island”, which has already gathered almost 100 thousand signatures. It reads in part: “the Alienation of any part of the Natural National Park “elk island” causes harm to the national heritage of Russia. The change of borders TNG “elk island” seems like the only way to solve transport problems around the Shchelkovo highway… interested parties.”


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

A mass petition from the defenders of “moose island” appeared in the social network Facebook. Her supporters write: “We, the residents adjacent to the national Park “elk island” territories required a speedy solution to the transport problem by legal means! We require a modern motorway with tunnels, ramps, a line light rail and green belts in the place where now is the Shchelkovo highway!”.


Афера века с парком "Лосиный остров": урезание под видом "расширения" 

Local activists , as far as we know, are preparing complaints to international organizations, because elk island is also a part of world culture.

In fact, in this matter, in my opinion, we need pragmatism , thrift and compliance with the law. As we reported, local activists heading, it is possible that the construction of the backup on the Shchelkovo highway is only the beginning “reshaping” adjacent lands “elk island”. “Reconstruction of the Shchelkovo highway is only one of the largest construction projects that threaten the national Park. In the near future on the lands that currently belong to the national Park or in its buffer zone, plan to build North-East Expressway possible route of Golyanovo in Metrogorodok along power lines, a residential complex on the street Spring waters, the SEC Abramtsevo, shopping complex near the village of Druzhba residential complex on the Open highway, and many other buildings and structures”, – said local activist Olga Moiseeva.

Boris Filippov on Facebook commented on the situation: “War is over “elk island” takes place on two fronts — Moscow and the Moscow region and goes with varying degrees of success. Suburban front opened recently in connection with plans of Russia to undermine the ecosystem of “moose island” understudy schelkovskogo highway. Questions for the “Suburban edge”: Why the office “moose island” marks the border of the security zone only in the Moscow part of the national Park and in the suburban?”

The answer was simple. These boundaries until recently did not exist! “We are in Moscow rather successfully fighting the development of protected areas “elk island”. On the Yaroslavl highway, street Vernal water. After our active actions of the Prosecutor’s office acknowledged that the buffer zone exists and is a directory “moose island” has started demarcation of the border buffer zone. Is the boundary of the Park, and there are 150 meters of the border buffer zone. If this is a security area, it is impossible to build. Moscow officials believed that there was no boundaries and was allowed to build there. And we have ensured that the Moscow Prosecutor’s office acknowledged the restricted area. And why in the regional part of it not carried out? I suspect that it is not just in connection with the construction, which is the son of Seagulls. Plus plans for building a backup”, – said “NO” Sergei Mitrokhin.

It’s very simple: the boundaries of environmental zones in the suburbs again will bury a lot of commercial projects. And are these projects for suburban officials apparently much more important than a national treasure.

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