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SBU opened two cases against Vladimir Solovyov. What was the reaction of the host?

СБУ возбудила сразу два дела против Владимира Соловьева. Как отреагировал ведущий?

The security service of Ukraine opened two criminal proceedings against Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov. Earlier c call to investigate Solovyov’s words on territorial integrity of Ukraine, the security service asked the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Alexey Goncharenko.

“The answer came from the Security Service of Ukraine in my statement about the crimes of the scoundrel. Good news! Opened two criminal proceedings, pre-trial investigation which is performed by investigative divisions 2 management with the location in Mariupol and 3 administration in Severodonetsk. This is a big step forward. Sooner or later this dirty “mouthpiece of the Kremlin” will answer for their brash words about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which he almost every day is voiced in the air of the Russian TV and in an interview with online media”, — quotes the words of Goncharenko’s press service.

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Soloviev is a daily program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” and “Who against?” Both go on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The subject of discussion in programs often become the Ukrainian events. According to the Ukrainian side, Soloviev “spreading propaganda”.


СБУ возбудила сразу два дела против Владимира Соловьева. Как отреагировал ведущий?press service of people’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexey Goncharenko

On the official website of the SBU is no messages about started production. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of article 110 of the criminal code of Ukraine, according to which, the reply from the Deputy Goncharenko, instituted criminal proceedings against Solovyov, provide liability including in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 15 years and even life imprisonment with confiscation of property. Such punishment is provided, unless the infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of Ukraine are committed publicly, repeatedly, and incitement to national or religious hatred that entails the death of people or other serious consequences.

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Vladimir Solovyov has already responded to this message. In his telegram channel he wrote that he sees “nothing surprising” in the action “heirs of Bandera and Shukhevych”, which “persecuted Jew, fighter against Nazism”. He recalled that is not a citizen of Ukraine, and its transmission is prohibited to broadcast in this country. Thus, says Soloviev, the author of the statement in SBU “did not understand that freedom of expression is a European value”.

“In the history of Europe has been the example against journalists. Hitler hated Levitan. We are the heirs of Isaac Levitan, and the Ukrainian government is heir to whom?” — concluded the Russian broadcaster.

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