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Sberbank will assess clients by likes on social networks

Domestic Bank Sberbank intends to introduce a new system of ratings on their pages in social networks, in particular, likes that they put in. The project is already in development and will be ready for next year, as reported by Alexander Vedyahin, Vice-President of the Bank.

According to Mr. Vedyahina, social networks know about people even more than their relatives and even spouses, and Sberbank intend to use it at full capacity. The system is currently undergoing testing on a test group of customers, and it is assessing so-called psychometric data. It is unknown how it will use the new system, but we can assume that if you often like memery of Dom-2, the loan you most likely will not.

Also, the savings Bank has a system of recognition of user’s face, which already works, but there is also in testing mode – it is needed for additional protection from thieves who stole the card, get a pin and try to remove her money from an ATM or perform any other operation with it. Reported to both systems in the future will begin to work together. The only question is, what about people who, for one reason or another do not want to use social networks and especially to spend time in the balance of likes right and left? On this question the Sberbank gives no answer.

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