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Savior of the nut feast: important rules and loyal signs

 Ореховый Спас: важные правила и верные приметыAll you need to know about this holiday.

Nut Spas (the Third Saviour of Khlebnyjj Spas) dedicated to the anniversary of the transfer of “the miraculous image of the Savior.”

Savior of the nut feast received its name in connection with the period to which they supposedly ripen the nuts. Third Saved, as the other two, is a process of small consecration in temples. Members may put in their basket of nuts and apples, honey and even vegetables.

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House Housewives used to bake bread and other flour products. They add mushrooms, raisins, poppy seeds and, of course, nuts.

Also Savior of the Nut feast called “Canvas”, because on that day the popular auction of canvases and paintings. It is believed that on this day need to buy something, even a trinket, otherwise the whole year will pass in poverty.

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There is another belief – if the cranes fly in the day, there will be frost on the Cover.

On Savior of the Nut feast, as on Apple, you can consecrate new wells and other sources of drinking water.

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