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Savchenko made his death during the attack in Parliament

Савченко допускала свою гибель во время теракта в РадеGPU showed a video on the case Savchenko in Parliament.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko showed the Verkhovna Rada of video evidence of the involvement of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko to the preparation of a terrorist act in the center of Kiev.

On the morning of March 22, the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada supported the performance of the GPU. For a decision, the Committee voted unanimously.

The GPU was warned that the total 20-minute film is 74 gigabytes, and the total duration of the audio and video in about three days.

On the Youtube channel of the GPU has the full video shown in the Parliament total duration of 28 minutes.

On one of the fragments I can hear the person visually and the voice is similar to the Hope Savchenko, draw the outline of the terrorist attacks in the government quarter in the center of Kiev, in particular in the Verkhovna Rada.

Savchenko said that there is one day when the Parliament is going to all the Ministers, heads of services, “when the President reads his report”.

She draws a diagram of the Verkhovna Rada, supposedly the location of the lodges and of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Parliament and noted that the explosions and vibrations will crash the chandelier on the ceiling Happy.

You can go through journalists (journalistic box in the Verkhovna Rada – ed.) that makes one person for fifteen minutes of lively the truth will not remain, – says Savchenko, telling which at this point may be the protection of the President.

On the question of an officer with the surname Berezen “Who is Joan of Arc,” Savchenko ambiguously replied that “Joan of Arc.”

The following is the verbatim conversation, shown on the video GPU:

March G. P.: And the point then?

Ruban V. V.: Beautiful fire.

Savchenko N. In.: Hey, heroes don’t die, the heroes should be dead, if not dead there, that’s good.

March G. P.: do You see yourself in this role?

Ruban V. V.: Yes

March G. P.: then why all this trouble?

Savchenko N. In.: Who else?

March G. P.: Well, you don’t, then who?

Savchenko N. In.: Faith (sister Savchenko – Faith Savchenko – ed.)

March G. P.: That is not

Savchenko N. In.: I don’t care.

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